Arkaoda Berlin


We did the signature STUDIO SPC Midas Touch when we carried out our Arkaoda Berlin calculations: Specially measured and calibrated the space for optimum acoustics. 120 square meter of special acoustic absorbers and bass traps were carefully installed at the walls and ceiling. Wooden stripes are a must when it comes to perfect acoustic diffusion to a certain degree and we absolutely adored the look of Gabun wood so abused working with the substance. The outcome looks stunning yet cosy, and most importantly the venue sounds amazing with a help from L-Acoustics Arcs Wide system. In such finely tuned room, Arcs does feel like they are on steroids. Live performances can not sound purer in such small sized venue, on top of that it’s go-to feature is the crystal clear sound with a serious punch and attitude for Clubbing. PA system is installed with special sylomer and spring system for maximum decoupling effect. The venue is consists of various rooms which we manually perfected the acoustical concept for soundproofing. Stage is also specially tailor-made that it almost feels like the audience is listening a master tape from an upscale music studio. Thanks to our partners from, they got on board for sound level measurements and sound emission control. Probably one of our favourite love child to date.

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