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Berlin Cafes, restaurants, lounges, bars and hotel lobbies… What do they have in common? Most of them suffer from remarkably awful acoustic treatment. Unnecessarily loud does not mean anything good in particular. If the guests and the staff are having a hard time hearing each other or the music, then there’s a problem. And we’re here to fix this in a heartbeat. Universal Music’s beautiful cafe was suffering exactly from this illness and our beloved partner Schubert Studio got on board to fulfil their requirements in terms of room acoustics and acoustic panel design. A large number of absorber panels were installed and perforated metal absorbers were installed on the columns. These actions made the area look even cooler than it’s already eye-catching presence. The possibilities are endless when it comes to treating public spaces. Even before or after the location is built, we can custom design your spaces with our handpicked architects and designers to have it look as stunning as possible, and most importantly; your lovely space will sound correct and cosy.

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Studio SPC offers acoustic treatments to perfect your room acoustics for music studios, nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, offices spaces, and many more. We build custom solutions to match the concept of your space. Contact us today!

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