Café Luzia


When David Bowie wrote and recorded his majestic Berlin debut, Low he was not referencing Café Luzia with his first single. Fast forward to 41 years later and the first single off that album “Sound and Vision” could be a starting point for a list of inspirations. Located in the lively Kreuzberg area, Café Luzia is on every hipsters’ tight lips for years to come for its crazy good vibes, eccentric drinks and tight music curation. On the other, for practical years the acoustics and the sound system of this location was -in kindest words- mediocre to many trained ears. Thanks to STUDIO SPC, not anymore. We’ve started from scratch with this project and worked for hand in hand with our favourite active studio monitor house: Genelec. After setting five Genelec 8050 B in a customised formation, we’ve added a 7071 A subwoofer like an orbiting moon for the cherry on top to create this tiptop sound for an already hot location. Now Café Luzia is not only our favourite bar but also our favourite bar with a great Hi-Fi experience. You can read GENELEC’s article about the Cafe Luzia project here.

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