Funkhaus / DBS Music


An unexampled setting such as Funkhaus calls for a hand in glove customisation. What we’ve achieved within this project was to install a specially measured and calibrated structure with optimum acoustics in a specific size to room ratio model. Special broadband absorbers, bass traps and diffuser panels are established thoroughly. At the end of the day, these specifications are an absolute joy and comfort to work with and on top of it, they make all the creatives feel vibrant about the projects they’re working on hence creating good vibes only. The soundproofing work as Do Not Disturb signs in hotel rooms but imagine them always hanging on the doorknobs and functioning 24/7 so that artists and the engineers are never to be disturbed when spreading their magic. Made of high-quality black filmed birch plywood together with fine sand and sylomer to be used for flawless soundproofing and decoupling. Best of all, its a modular system which can be built like a set of legos, also can be re-built and re-installed in different locations when desired. Besides, they can be customised to any size, colour and interiors. This is just a massive cube built with passion and integrity to meet your needs and perfect your audiophile cravings.

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